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DERMOT CONNOLLY from Ireland wrote on July 12. 2006, 15:27:
E-mail: d.connolly7 at
A first class cycle touring site keep up the good work REGARDS DC

wijitra dengamlert from USA wrote on June 6. 2006, 20:45:
E-mail: d_wijitra at
I ran into your website by accident, was doing some research about caterpillar. I must admit you have seen Thailand more than I have and I was born and raised in Thailand. your pictures are awesome, it makes me miss my home! Absolutely great website!

Elizabeth from USA wrote on May 14. 2006, 18:49:
E-mail: eas42 at
Your pictures are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoyed seeing the Laotian countryside and so did my friends.

Lee from United Kingdom wrote on April 23. 2006, 09:03:
E-mail: jandlreilly at
Quite an admirable feat. The lasting impressions you received from such an experience will last a life time.

aleks from Norway wrote on April 21. 2006, 02:02:
mad respect! dont get lost in the jungle.. hehe
and watch out for malaria
keep it up - peace

Douglas Montgomery from USA wrote on March 30. 2006, 18:45:
E-mail: DMon707 at
Reading your reports and viewing the photos is not only entertaining, but immeasurable help in preparing for my own cycle tours. It's also fun to recognize some of the places you have seen on your tours as places I have cycle-toured as well. You have really worked hard to be of service to the rest of us. Now I feel guilty for being html illiterate...

Anthony Campbell from United Kingdom wrote on December 26. 2005, 06:38:
Much enjoyed the diary - most impressive.

A. Yordanov from Europe wrote on December 12. 2005, 21:10:
E-mail: parolondon at
Hi from Bulgaria! You've missed my country in the select-box.

Well done guys, congrats on the great journey you'd had!
Be back some day:)

Douglas Wood from United Kingdom wrote on November 27. 2005, 20:17:
E-mail: pagal_koota at
what a fantastic trip. that must have been amazing. it is something i have been wanting to do for a long time. in the last few months i have been starting to look into it. myself and two friends are planning to cycle from the uk to australia, starting in the summer of 2007 once we have finished up at uni. i was wondering if you could give us any advice or any more insight into how to go about planning such a trip.

Jonny & Anne from Ireland wrote on November 23. 2005, 00:48:
E-mail: jabsonwheels at
Fantastic site. Well done to you both on a great adventure and a very informative website.

David from Malaysia wrote on October 2. 2005, 21:48:
E-mail: munusamyreddie at
It's david and family. How are you and where are now its quit some time i did not from you. i have send some email to lately.So think you will this massage. If you are in malaysia you must come to place.Thanks Mark and julite

Danielle and Rene from Netherlands wrote on August 30. 2005, 03:05:
E-mail: daanrenebybike at
Dear Mark en Juliette,
A few weeks ago we finished our bicycle tour in West Sichuan, what a nice cycling route!
The very detailed and accurate information on your website was our guidebook!
Thank you very much!! The only thing we - happily - missed were the loose dogs....
We never saw them, probably it rained too much that day.... ;)
Anyway we are now cycling in Tibet, so there will be enough loose dogs.....
Greetings from the roof of the world!
Danielle & Rene

Liam McIntyre from United Kingdom wrote on August 29. 2005, 15:35:
E-mail: tripod_mcintyre at
Hello Ju, Its been such a long time since you left.
Has it really been almost two and a half years? Just read
the guestbook, you have ammased a large amount of interest
along your way. Im embarking onto my 3rd year at university
now with the real world growing ever nearer. At the moment Im
working as a credit controller for the home office in a bid
fund this last year! Strange how time passes us by. And, yes; some say
I have matured into a likeable young man! Such an amazing achievement, 24,000 Km
truly an Inspiration for any young traveler. Hope all is good, would be lovely
to hear from you via the median of email :-)

Hyz from Netherlands wrote on August 17. 2005, 03:24:
Nice site, the pages about your gear are great to read.
The link of Ed and Jeanne Downing's with their Hypercracker is changed to:

John Spencer from France wrote on July 26. 2005, 04:33:
E-mail: john.spencer at
Have been following your progress sporadically (googleing 'fridge magnet') - congratulations on reaching your goal.
Best wishes
John Spencer

hanneke v d korst from Netherlands wrote on July 16. 2005, 15:38:
E-mail: hannekevdkorst at
Dear Juliette,
we met some weeks ago just outside Newcastle. We, my son and
friend and I,had just started on our cycling tour through
Northumberland. And you invited us spontaneousley to stay
in your house on our last night, before our journey back to
Holland by boat.Well, our last stop was in New Biggin,
so we didn`t have to impose on you.But thanks very much! We
had a great time and met some very friendly people -
like you.
bye, Hanneke.

Chris Wilcox from United Kingdom wrote on June 28. 2005, 18:33:
E-mail: chris.wilcox3 at
Your trip is still an inspiration
When's the book being published?

huw pritchard from United Kingdom wrote on June 7. 2005, 09:29:
E-mail: daendini at
A very inspiring website. Im about to embark on a cycle trip to Australia so your website and comments are very useful. Thanks

Karen and Ben from United Kingdom wrote on June 5. 2005, 22:39:
E-mail: karen at
I have just had an hour on your site so will spend a lot longer as we are planning to go to China roughly Sept. 2005. We are in Mexico at the moment, on the way to California from where we will fly, probably to Beijing. We still have lots of research to do so your site has been wonderful (even an hour!!) It really is fantastic. No doubt we'll be in touch soon. K&B

Keith from Australia wrote on June 4. 2005, 05:54:
E-mail: cleaunz at
great stuff - really good site - inspiring! Are you still in oz??

lisa from United Kingdom wrote on May 25. 2005, 23:23:
E-mail: bikingdaisy at
Hi there
We are leaving NZ after cycling most of the way here and then working here for a bit. We are from Newcastle and will be back there next week....30th May.It would be great to catch up with you. We have been in touch before and you promptly replied!! It would be graet to meet you
Lisa and Graham Pinkney

RAE from United Kingdom wrote on May 18. 2005, 11:38:
E-mail: raewebb at
wow! I'm absolutely stunned by the diversity of insects you have recorded! I think your website is wicked and I look forward to reading more of it. I'm in Loas right now doing an insect study of my own, in fact being here has inspired me to return to the UK and study entomolgy - I'll refer to your website constantly! Would love to share some of my pic's of crazy insects with you if you're interested? Rae

James Brady from United Kingdom wrote on May 15. 2005, 17:28:
E-mail: james.brady9 at
I have just spent the last two houjrs reading your website and found it fasinating
I am hoping to cycle mongolia and part of china in 2007
if I get the time of work. I am just in the very rearly stages of planning my trip
and no doudt I will br in touch soon with a hundered and one questions

SUNG KUK KIM from Korea wrote on May 15. 2005, 13:32:
E-mail: kuk at
Hello. there.
I've been knowing this website from turkey.
Me and my wife, we came to england from south korea by bicycle for 22 months.
But Not all the way by bicycle.
I could know this site, when we tried to find some inform about eastern europe.
and i was very impressived from you site.
Now we are in London.
I got a job here, and my wife try to be a nurse.
We've been staying here 8 months already.
Most of our website contents were written by korean.
Now i started translate my website to english.
So slow and slow.
We'll translate our travel history one by one.
Even you don't know that we could get big courages from your site
when we traveled in bulgaria.
thank you for your information.
Because of my english is not good too enough to express our thanks.
We hope to chance to see your on the road by chance.
From Kuk and Young. (Koreans)

Jan Christensen from Denmark wrote on May 12. 2005, 05:31:
E-mail: janincanada at
What an amazing feat - my own trip across Canada is dwarfed! All the best on future trips.

Mike Moore from United Kingdom wrote on May 3. 2005, 06:43:
E-mail: mikemoore566304 at
Mark & Juliette,
Great. You made it and I hear you are now back in UK.
The night before you set off from Liverpool we had a bash in our barn. How about a welcome home bash. Let's invite all those who were here for you bash in 2002 together with any others who might be interested.
A few suggested dates: June 3 or 4, May 27, 28 29 or even 30 (albeit your Morris side dancing that day but it is bank holiday and maybe bash starting late afteroon).
Perhaps you can ponder above dates and see if any excite you. I'm told you are living in Newcastle but guess you must be on Merseyside reasonably often still.
Come on I fancy a rave.....

Glen Martin from Australia wrote on April 8. 2005, 07:48:
E-mail: gm68 at
Dear Mark and Ju
I would like to congratulate you on the most marvellous and
thorough account I have seen. I cannot think of anything
that you could have added or how you might have made your
web page better.
Unfortunately I have only recently discovered it and did not
get to follow your journey as you were going.
I can bet your employer would have been sorry to see you go
if your web page is anything to go by.
Well done.

David from Malaysia wrote on March 13. 2005, 00:32:
E-mail: munusamyreddie at
Hope to see you in Malaysia agian. David. Have a nice happy life in England.Look for www.pulau-pangkor,com

David from Malaysia wrote on March 13. 2005, 00:26:
E-mail: munusamyreddie at
Hope to see you in Malaysia agian. David. Have a nice happy life in England.

Steve Kirk from United Kingdom wrote on March 9. 2005, 08:52:
E-mail: stevekirk at
It's Steve from the CCCC. glad (sad) to see you made it and
the adventure is over. Hope to see you soon at a codgers and
cripples meet. At least now we don't have to worry about who
to invite as a guest speaker at the next AGM (hint hint !!!).

au seong from Malaysia wrote on March 8. 2005, 08:47:
E-mail: as_wong at
Hi! Good to hear you have reach Australia and enjoyed Malaysian food.
I was one of the casualty at I Sport when Ju was an intern there.
Good luck for the rest of the trip.

yan from USA wrote on March 7. 2005, 15:16:
E-mail: ysu at
Really appreciate the information we found on your website.
We are planning on a two to three months trip to Mongolia,
from UB going west to as much as we can, it really helps to
know the fuel situation in the country.
Any tips/suggestions you might have other than the ones
on your site?
Best wishes,

Pazu from Hong Kong wrote on February 23. 2005, 09:03:
This is so far the best cycle info website I have ever seen, very well done! You're thoughtful and considerate, I have downloaded the zip of your website and converted into the Palm portable document format (IsiloDoc) so I can read it wherever I go. I don't think I'll cycle to all countries listed, but definitely it's a great guide. So far as I know, your website is much better than the LP Cycling guides!!! Anything else that I can say? Xie xie!

Brian Smith from France wrote on February 18. 2005, 09:03:
E-mail: brian.smith at
Hi......I spent a wonderful time following your trip.
..Thanks a lot! I live in France, not far from the route you took...agree with your comments on St Flour......and I might but a house on the Greek/turkish/Bulgarian border.....PLUS i was travelling through Romania to Moldova at the same time as you were there ( Easter 2002) so there wree resonances..
I will never cycle like that..I hav a paralysed leg and am too old now....but thank you for sharing your tripe and wonderful Photos on your site..

Andrew from Australia wrote on February 13. 2005, 05:54:
Well done Mark and Ju. You must have passed through Sydney when I blinked. I was keeping an eye out from my office which overlooks the harbour, but managed to miss you :)
How about a round up on the gear you used? You've covered breakages and failures a bit already, but what are your thoughts now that you've finished the trip? What would you do differently?
Good luck adjusting to "real life" again!
Sydney, Australia

steve from United Kingdom wrote on January 31. 2005, 17:53:
E-mail: cannotbeserious at
Crazy dudes,
Very courageous and nuts at the same time, well done.
I am planning a similar route with my son, starting in
Regards, Steve

Andrei Vashkevich from Europe wrote on January 24. 2005, 04:14:
E-mail: avswim at
Very good trips, interesting text!
Thank you, good luck!

Joan and David Schultz from Australia wrote on January 22. 2005, 03:44:
E-mail: eaglerest570 at
Dear Ju and Mark, We met you at the Mudgee Bushwalkers meeting,
and feel very priviledged to have enjoyed this opportunity,
Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and show us your
photos. Have just enjoyed an hour looking at you web site again
and intend to visit it again. I have been lucky to have cycled
the lenght and breadth of England, Scotland and Wales many years
ago. Also to have ridden solo across Australia, Perth to Taree.
Your travels rekindle the yearnings to peddal again despite the
aches and pains of being an ageing grey haired cyclist. Good
luck in your future endeavours, Happy Cycling and continued
outdoor adventures, best wishes Joan and David.

chris james from United Kingdom wrote on January 13. 2005, 06:09:
E-mail: cjames127 at
Congratulations on reaching Sydney ( my favourtie city)and the end of your journey.
Reading your posts for the last few months has been inspirational & I wish you both best wishes for the future

Duncan Mackay from United Kingdom wrote on January 12. 2005, 12:07:
E-mail: djmbwr at
What a great project...and an excellent website...

Pat from United Kingdom wrote on January 11. 2005, 12:53:
E-mail: patduffy at
brilliant job
v best wishes for 05
passed your web site on to lots of people
bloody brilliant
or they must be totally deranged
by the way jim reckons skem is looking very attractive
& you should stop messing about & go home
hope u keep the web site going
pat & bev

Jan Christensen from Denmark wrote on January 9. 2005, 11:35:
E-mail: janincanada at
Hi guys
A fascinating tale and a great website. Good work and all the best on future adventures.

Richard Bates from United Kingdom wrote on January 8. 2005, 12:44:
E-mail: anythingyoulike at
An excellent journal. I hope you intend to keep it online forever.

Martin Bishop from United Kingdom wrote on January 7. 2005, 12:47:
E-mail: martin.bishop9 at
Well done! Following your ride has been wonderful, I am full of admiration. Now you have got to return to civilian life!! Thought that would cheer you up!

Brian from USA wrote on January 4. 2005, 07:29:
E-mail: buddkun at
Congratulations on a job well done! What a great trip to be
remembered for the rest of your lives. Now, will you please
cycle back and keep the website updated so I can have
something interesting to read while at my mundane job???

Ed Cottingham from USA wrote on December 28. 2004, 20:07:
E-mail: edcottingham at
What an awesome adventure and an awesome website!
Thanks so much for sharing this in such glorious detail.
I can’t quite see myself stepping up to anything close to
this scale, but what you have done is definitely making me
rethink the boundaries of possibility in my own life.
I am very excited and stimulated just poring over the images
and details of your magnificent adventure. All the best to
you both!

Rob from United Kingdom wrote on December 27. 2004, 19:49:
Hi, Mark and Juliette,
Just to let you know how much I've enjoyed following your progress. Well done on reaching the end of this journey. Knowing you, I'm sure there will be much more to come in the future!
All the best from rainy England,

Julie from United Kingdom wrote on December 27. 2004, 11:08:
E-mail: janetayloris at
Well done you two and Merry Christmas! I'll miss following your travels. I've been following your journey for the last year and have found it so interesting. So where now? I'd highly recommend making it up to Cape Tribulation. I'll keep viewing your sight in the hope that you add a bit more to it. If not good luck for the future and all the best. Jane.

Andrew & Joanne Hooker from Australia wrote on December 26. 2004, 19:22:
Congratulations on a wonderful trip. Like many others I was
sad to se you had reached your destination. Your trip was
helping to keep the travel bugs biting for Joanne and I as
we plan our next ride - a circumnavigation of North America.
Like our own ride around Australia, yours came to an end and
I'll bet in some ways you are glad, and missing it already in
Anyway, congratulations and thank you for a great website, it
was fun to log in each day to see where you were and what you
had been doing.
Are you riding or flying back to the UK?
Keep us posted.

Biff Snodgrass from USA wrote on December 25. 2004, 08:57:
E-mail: biffsnodgrass at
Mark & Ju-
Kind of an anti-climatic ending to such a long & grand
journey, no?
Having been an ardent fan of your travels and
website, checking in nearly everyday for the last year and a
half or so it seems that you both somehow grew tired of
leaving detailed-both in photos & writings-pages on whatever
new place you two were currently cycling through.
Example- Greece, which is a rather small country has much
more indepth coverage than pretty much your final 3
countries (including Oz).
I can only hope you'll have some additional pages wrapping
things up more indepth... like your thoughts on the gear
you used, people & places, lessons learned and perhaps,
additional photos?
Call it "Vicarious Living Through Others and Their Adventures"
BUT personally I wanted (want) more and honestly thought for
such a "once in a lifetime", grand tour on cycles your final
kilometers would have been more 'involved' than, "We flew,
we ate, we rode a little... we're done, thanks everyone.
Bye" (I'm paraphrasing of course but it was rather minimal
and final for an ending to such an epic trip).
Just all seemed so sudden.

Sharron Edwardson from United Kingdom wrote on December 24. 2004, 03:36:
E-mail: sharronedwardson at
The words 'Well Done' just don't seem enough! Have been checking every few days to see if you'd get there for Christmas and you did!
Hats off to both of you - and a hundred people reading your site just wish we had the guts and ingenuity to do it ourselves.I'm in awe of what you've achieved and you have every right to feel very, very proud of yourselves. Have a peaceful Christmas, and if you decide to travel around Australia I can give you the address of my cousin near Melbourne!
Lots of love, Sharron

Linda & Sue from United Kingdom wrote on December 22. 2004, 09:05:
E-mail: lindawright at
Hi to the both of you,
Sending you Christmas greetings and a happy 2005.
We were very impressed with you web site and the
stunning photography. See you haven't changed Juliette,
with your inovative inventions! We are still using all
your models in Biology and some new ones, made by Jude.
Where are you off to next? Lindsey and Diana send their
love. Thought you would like to know I'm a Nana now!
Lindsey had a little girl in November 2003, she called
her Aimee, and she is our little star.
Carry on enjoying yourselves, take care, safe journey,
Linda and Sue.

IngBar from Belgium wrote on December 16. 2004, 22:51:
E-mail: bart_smets at
Hello !
Nice website... we enjoyed using your information for cycling in south-Thailand the last month... next we're heading for Cambodia, Laos and SW-China ! Good luck and thanks for the useful information... You can visit our website to see some pics (but not a lot of English spoken on our site, it's in Dutch !).
Greetz !
Ingbar, Inga and Bart

vlad from ukraine from Slovenia wrote on December 14. 2004, 07:51:
E-mail: fishy at
hello Mark and Ju,
how r u there? i tried to write on your e-mail but i got my letters back...
u did a great trip - i wish i could do smthing similar in few years
xxx :)

Per Hansen from Denmark wrote on December 11. 2004, 04:28:
E-mail: per at
Hello, thanks for this site - it was very interesting and inspirational - this is whats makes the web worth browsing !
I was especially interested in the electronics you made, to charge using your bike dynamo - im an electrical engeneer and wanted to make something similar.

Chris Morrison from United Kingdom wrote on December 5. 2004, 10:54:
Hey Juliet,
I don't know if you'll remember me, but I was in one of your
A-Level biology classes in Widnes Sixth Form before you left.
I just wanted to drop you a line to say hi. I have been
following your trip with mix of admiration and jealousy!
To read about your adventures has been fantastic. I'm so
envious of all that you've seen, all the people you've met,
and all the fun you've had. Reading has been a fantastic
escape from my studies (I ended up on a biology degree by the
way!), and an inspiration to me to get off my arse and see more
of the world myself!
I hope the final legs of your journey go well, and me and my
envy will continue to follow your progress.
Take care, and travel safely,
Chris x from United Kingdom wrote on December 4. 2004, 08:08:
E-mail: mean at
i am sabuy from kanjanaburi of thailand
how are you?
i see to websize of you . i like very much beatyful and
when you to london ?
when you go to thailand ?
now do you make ?
if i want to go london . you just help me ?
i want to work very much beacuase i need of mony befor
now i sell banana and papiya very bad
i not have mony for paid evrything for flamily .
i want work much.....
i can borrow mony peopele for ticket air line but i want to you
help work and in cuntry united kingdom please
you have number thelephon .......
thank you and i wait message of you

jiraporn (sabuy thailand )

franziska (kuala lipis) from Switzerland wrote on November 27. 2004, 05:55:
E-mail: afriska at
hi there!
how is the cycling going? where are you right now?
i just stayed a day longer in taman negara,
just to make sure that i'll get the planed 21 leeches bites!
i've done very well and my trousers look as if i had
murdered someone ( i promise you i didn't!).
just got to johor baru today. "lovely" place! not sure
wether i'll cross the border to singapur tomorrow or head
to tioman first. depends on my friend in singapur, who i
can't reach. bugger!!!
well, would be pleased to catch up for a cup of tea ;o)
take car
see you

dan from United Kingdom wrote on November 2. 2004, 07:43:
E-mail: dancollister at
nice one, i love the water slide ending in plop!.....thats a great word isnt it
great word isnt it..plop he he. im cycling too, from wales to calcutta in india
on me bike ( from turkey boat to russia, kazakstan kyrgyzstan, china, tibet nepal india)
today im in bankok feeling a bit guilty ( but very happy all the same) cos i just got a plane here
from calcutta....i didnt quite have time to go all the way through china....but now im hot on your heels
down through thailand malaysia indonesia etc to australia.its a fantastic way to travel isnt it, i think the best!
i met a wonderful italian on a motorbike in kazakstan, the next day we met two polish lads cycling to mongolia
and we all travelled together for a week or so, as a result
of the cycle inspiration andrea did a straight swap of his motorbike for a mountain bike in bishkek
and has now cycled right across china to hong kong, he said it was the best decision he ever made! love to you both and good luck

Chris from United Kingdom wrote on October 19. 2004, 14:25:
E-mail: cjuames127 at
Hi, I just want to say that i have been hooked on your reports since i discovered them 3 months ago.
Good luck with the final leg of the trip & please keep the inspirational updates coming

jamie from United Kingdom wrote on October 19. 2004, 12:14:
E-mail: jamiegmackenzie at
Hi guys, totally inspiring adventure. You have me hooked
on the idea of packing up and heading off! Why not ey...
see you on the road!

Emma & Joth Dixon from United Kingdom wrote on October 4. 2004, 18:29:
A veritable mine of information!
Thanks for sharing so many of your experiences with us.
Very inspirational reading....
Joth & Em

robb from poland from Poland wrote on September 10. 2004, 17:00:
E-mail: robert at
Hi guys .. me again :)
I hope to hear some words from you ...
I send some power for a next kilometers .... :D
love and respect

Frank Storey from Australia wrote on September 5. 2004, 00:24:
E-mail: frankstorey at
Dear Mark & Juliette
I was born in Liverpool and worked as a teacher before coming to live in Sydney so could relate to the specific catalysts to your trip. Why don’t more teachers of horrible GCSE classes decide to cycle round the world to Australia?
Inspirational web site
Bon Voyage

Pauline Winn from United Kingdom wrote on September 2. 2004, 09:37:
E-mail: paulinewinn at
Hi there - great photos as ever and good to see you met up with Rik - he looks well. I'm glad to know you are going to see Colin and Anne. Keep well and in touch. Pauline.

Pauline Winn from United Kingdom signed the guestbook on September 2. 2004, 09:35.
E-mail: paulinewinn at

Mike Clark from United Kingdom wrote on September 1. 2004, 17:42:
E-mail: mrc7 at
Hi Juliet and Mark,
It's Mike from the 4Cs in Cambridge. I've been reading your
pages from time to time and really enjoying them. Great
pictures and a well organised site full of information.
Glad to see that things are going so well and that you're
having some great experiences. I'm very envious.
Regarding caving, I've finally been encouraged to take up
SRT and am thoroughly enjoying it.
All the best,

Marcus Castillo from USA wrote on August 30. 2004, 22:28:
E-mail: marcus at
I found your web site by accident. It's wonderful. I hope
that your journey is going well and that you are safe.

matthias wilnhammer from Germany wrote on August 28. 2004, 03:11:
E-mail: matthias.wilnhammer at
Hi Julie, Hi Mark!
with great interest I read about your journey from time to time. From the pictures I can see that you both are doing fine and hope that you will experience more and more wonderful things on your way.
I am back from China now since one month and enjoy again students life...
Good luck!
Matthias (from Yangshuo)

acanay from Poland wrote on August 25. 2004, 05:29:
E-mail: robert at
hi guys .. I hope you are safe and in a gooood mooood :)
how the trip is going ? new tires - new fun ???
greets from home; robb

alan cathcart from United Kingdom wrote on August 22. 2004, 15:14:
E-mail: alan at
Like many others, have found your site by accident. Good luck and keep going!

george from Australia wrote on August 12. 2004, 22:30:
E-mail: georgia at
hi guys! hope you got off to a good start this morning! am off to petburi shortly, but shall hopefully cach you in australia. ace sie, btw!

Jim Otterson from USA wrote on August 7. 2004, 17:15:
E-mail: jim at
Stumbled across your site today and quickly spent an hour nosing around it. I have not done any long self-suported tours yet, but that will happen in the near future. I will be reading all of the diary entries. I love the fact that you keep things up to date. What are your plans for touring in Australia? If you happen to start touring in the U.S. (after this tour), stop by to see me. I live at the beach in Southern California, about 300 meters from Pacific Coast Highway. Ju's entries are very interesting as well. The Italian road building with polystyrene must have some sort of back story. I can't figure that one out! Good luck. I'm very envious.

Barry roberson from Australia wrote on August 2. 2004, 19:09:
E-mail: barry_roberson at
Found your site by accident. It is a joy, so well composed and full of interest.
keep up the good work.

margaret blackmore from United Kingdom wrote on July 24. 2004, 18:17:
E-mail: margaret.blackmore at
Hi to you both
I have not seen Juliette since for ever I think you were about10?
I am B!ryonys mum margaret .
I met up with your mum on friday and it was like the old days talking plants and cats and of course dogs (IHAVE TWO)I will pass on your details to Bryony. The Ladybirds are grat1

Nels from USA wrote on July 18. 2004, 19:28:
E-mail: highberg at
I found your sight by accident, and it's really fascinating! Can't wait to see more.

Wan and Mou from Thailand wrote on July 13. 2004, 16:34:
E-mail: thaibikeworld at
Dear Ju & Mark,
Thank you very much for visiting Thailand.
We hope that you have a great memory. We are now riding in the desert in Nevada State, USA.
Good luck to your dreams.
Cheers...Wan and Mou

robert from poland from Poland wrote on July 10. 2004, 09:53:
E-mail: robert at
hi again ...
thanx for my picture :-)))))

acanay from Poland wrote on July 10. 2004, 03:59:
E-mail: robert at
hi guys :0
i hope you are ok and you still enjoy your trip :-))
after big circle around north laos i'm in poland now.
since 2 weeks or so.
my one-speed-chinese-bicycle is in Phonsavan now :-)
and propably forever ....
love and greetings from my clean and comfortable bed ;-)))

Geoff Gardner from United Kingdom wrote on July 6. 2004, 06:38:
E-mail: geoffreygardner1944 at
Dear Ju and Mark,
Just found your web site and I am very envious. If you are still in Thailand you might let me know where exactly for you might be able to visit my mother in law, sisters in law, brothers in law and all of Beny's family who live in the town of Uthai Thani which is where I met Beny in Nov 2002, on my way to Oz. I never made it, getting married instead.

Milla Kette from USA wrote on July 3. 2004, 21:02:
E-mail: milakette at
Hi, guys!
The mystery fruit Gavin Jowitt said is a Choko, we call Xuxú (shushu) in Brazil. It grows wild in our backyards, anywhere. Here in the US I've seen it in supermarkets as Chayote.
There are many possibilities. It can be made into a mock-mashed potatoes (just kinda watery, so compensate with heat until it dries a little). You can cook it in water (always take off the seed), peel it, cut in tinny pieces (smashing with a fork is fine too), mix with eggs (beat them 1st), salt and pepper, and cook as an omelette or scrambled eggs (my Mom used to make it back in Brazil). You can simply cook it in water (like potatoes), peel it while still warm, and slice it; than I sprinkle with salt and pepper, add some Extra vergine olive oil, and serve as a salad, yummy!
One national dish from Brazil mixes chayote and shrimps (MMMMMMMM!), in a stew (with tomatoes, onions, garlic, etc). Delicious! We call it "Ensopado de Camarão com Xuxú" --Chayote and Shrimp Stew.
Hope it was helpful. All the best and God bless.

Alec Jackson from United Kingdom wrote on June 29. 2004, 10:37:
E-mail: alec at
Have really enjoyed reading your diary for Laos and Thailand
as I am reading a book about South East Asia at present.
Great photography! Best of luck for the last leg to Oz.

slawa from Germany wrote on June 28. 2004, 08:56:
E-mail: slimpson at
do you want to make an other tour?
maybe through america or africa?

Richard & Shell from United Kingdom wrote on June 20. 2004, 10:53:
E-mail: wikidpies at
Hello you 2. We had a look at your website and most impressive it is too. Where are you now? We are in The UK still as we have not got it together to leave as yet. However we will be leaving in the next few days to go over to Switzerland to see some mates and get some miles in on the Beast (Richards 1100cc Honda Blackbird). Sore ass coming on!! I can feel it already. Hope you 2 had a great wedding anniversary as we left you the day before. Hope to stay in touch and see you both at some point in the future.
Shell and Rich

Slawa from Germany wrote on June 20. 2004, 06:23:
E-mail: slimpson at
what do you think about OMCK?
what did you make and see there?

Shan Siah from United Kingdom wrote on June 16. 2004, 11:36:
E-mail: klangshan at
Dear Both
Trawling the web for chargers to use on jungle expeditions
(no wind / strong sunlight sometimes - so solar not good)
and found your excellent website (and that little beige box
with the 11AA cells in it). Had a good browse around after
and was amazed!!! Especially as I'm sitting not far from
where you set off (West Kirby). Anyway, all the best and
happy trails!
PS I guess you didn't find anything commercially that you
could tweak voltage / amps and had a variety of plugs you
could just plug into any device... even better, which ran
on a hand crank dynamo like the Freeplay devices?

A. Brown from Canada wrote on June 9. 2004, 16:16:
E-mail: Andbrown_1999 at
Good going guys! I did a little tour around westren Canada during the last few years, and now i see what i might like to do next!
- opps. A fireman suit maker gave me some 3M reflective strips that i used to attach along pedal-arms, down-bars basically anywhere i didn't have covered or was holding and my bags. My only accidents were self-caused! lol just a tip for you, as you may be able to find this stuff at a security store.

A. Brown from Canada wrote on June 9. 2004, 16:12:
E-mail: Andbrown_1999 at
Good going guys! I did a little tour around westren Canada during the last few years, and now i see what i might like to do next!

Tina und Matthias from Germany wrote on June 6. 2004, 06:10:
E-mail: tinaundmatthias at
URL: und Matthias
Hi Juliette & Mark,
you have an extremely interesting an wonderful website.
I just got lost in it for 2 hours. Tina and I are cycling
for one year in NZ and Asia and we are especially
interested in your experiences around Lake Baikal and
Mongolia since this will be our next destination.
We are impressed about how much work and effort
you take to provide all the information!!!!!
Our homepage is: und Matthias
if you want to have a look. It is all in german and
not nuch compared to your well done site!
We wish you always good luck on the road and a save trip!
Tina and Matthias from Germany

George T. from Greece wrote on June 5. 2004, 07:14:
E-mail: xilios at
Hi, just spent the morning reading about your great adventure.
You are both an inspiration. I cant wait for the next update.

Safe journey;-)

Mike Moore from United Kingdom wrote on June 3. 2004, 13:26:
E-mail: mike at
Juliette & Mark,
Laos wow....still envious....just sold company so maybe I'll get to meet you in the antipodes? Jennie and Zena bought new bikes last weekend but I think the estate will be their limit - we'll see. At Morris Dancing practise we still talk about you and misss you both. Do you play any music in the evenings?
Love to you both,
Mike, Jennie, Xanthe & Zena......

Patrick and Chris (from Rte 13, lao) from Canada wrote on May 26. 2004, 12:01:
E-mail: p_track at
Hey Guys, great site. Its gonna be a big help as we make our way through Yunnan and Sichuan. At the moment we are refueling in Jinhiong and are about to head off for Kunming.
take care and keep em spinning.

Patrick and Chris (from Rte 13, lao) from Canada wrote on May 26. 2004, 11:58:
E-mail: p_track at
Hey Guys, great site. Its gonna be a big help as we make our way through Yunnan and Sichuan. At the moment we are refueling in Jinhiong and are about to head off for Kunming.
take care and keep em spining.

Andrea from Italy wrote on May 26. 2004, 03:14:
E-mail: amusso at
In september we will cycle for a mounth in Mongolia!
Have a nice road...

Barry Parker from United Kingdom wrote on May 20. 2004, 22:55:
E-mail: bazzerp at
Wonderfully interesting & inspirational site.
The frequent updattes & photos are a joy.

martin wright from United Kingdom wrote on May 11. 2004, 01:27:
E-mail: eggodyssey at
hi mark and juliette
enjoy reading your webpage.
i am also cycling and it is always interesting to see the
various routes which people take from london to sydney.
enjoying your section on china as it was my favourite
country for cycling even though it was physically the
hardest due to the very big hills and sometimes the very
bad roads.
keep up the good work and who knows our paths may cross on
the open road somewhere.
martin wright

ileana from USA wrote on May 10. 2004, 02:17:
E-mail: ileanacarol at
I am enjoying your webb site.I am originally from Romania, and live in Los Angeles since 1976. I came across your site while I was looking at pictures from Romania.Wonderful experience! I envy you for this! I wish I could have done such a thing myself! Have a safe trip and keep writing for the enjoyment of all.Wonderful pictures! Ileana

andrew from Australia wrote on May 8. 2004, 06:48:
E-mail: andyrock01 at
....almost forgot my own website:

andrew from Australia wrote on May 8. 2004, 06:47:
E-mail: andyrock01 at
Hi folks,
I have really enjoyed reading your cycling adventures, I am in Trieste at the moment enroute to Australia.
Good luck,

Dale from New Zealand wrote on April 24. 2004, 18:14:
E-mail: daleaway at
Hi there travellers
Found your page when Googling for medlar recipes - not an easy fruit to find a use for. I'm leaving this message because you wanted to know how to cook chokos. We peel, core and quarter them, then put them with the potatoes and pumpkin around a roast of meat, and oven roast them. They roast up well. If boiling them, they are as tasteless as marrow and require a cheese sauce to be palatable.
When you get to New Zealand, drop me an email and come and visit!

Stéphane from France wrote on April 9. 2004, 06:04:
E-mail: stephane.biloum-renexter at
Just found your web-site and enjoying each and every byte of it.
Your journey is great and ants have started tickling my calves.
From now on I'll be following your progress.
au revoir, bonne santé et bonne route

jason eady from United Kingdom wrote on April 8. 2004, 05:52:
E-mail: jasoneady at
M & J
I've been 'following' you for a while now and thought it
was about time I dropped you a line. I'm absolutely
fascinated about how you get on in these 'closed' places
with a lack of language. I guess that you have each
other to talk to.
Well the cycling TT season is really getting under way back
here in Blighty and the weather is warming up. I suppose I
can now only dream of emulating such an achievement while I
sit here in the office. The longest I've ever done was 37
days around Ireland.
All the best and why not carry on around New Zealnd (my
birth place)after Oz.

Jane Taylor from United Kingdom wrote on April 1. 2004, 12:38:
E-mail: janetayloris at
Hi guys,
I've been following your travels for a few months now.
Fascinating stuff and I wish you both well. I came across your site via e-bay of
all places. Someone mentioned your site on one of the chat rooms!
Keep peddling,

Wayne Carpenter from USA wrote on March 19. 2004, 16:19:
E-mail: voyage at
Back in the 70s people thought I was adventurous because I spent a winter aboard a small sailboat with my wife and two daughts locked in ice in Nova Scotia. It was quite an adventure but absolutely nothing compared to what you two are doing!
Keep up the good work and always ride safe when given the choice.
Best Wishes
PS -- I think I am #100 to sign in!

Odinn Thor ... The REAL Viking from Iceland wrote on March 4. 2004, 08:07:

Fantastic website you have here,
And I am glad to put my step on it, I send send you and your visitors my best greetings.
And you are ALL " WELCOME " to visit my little website one day
Vous êtes bienvenu pour visiter mon website
Usted es bienvenido visitar mi webpage
Dé la bienvenida para visitar mi website.

Stephen Lord from United Kingdom wrote on March 3. 2004, 16:24:
E-mail: slord at
Dear Mark and Ju, can you stop showing such beautiful pictures of pure happiness on your top page? How about a picture of you in the rain, fixing a flat tyre? Something to make life here in the UK seem less worthless!

Allison David from United Kingdom wrote on February 26. 2004, 16:52:
E-mail: allison at
Truly inspirational!! Keep pedalling and smiling,
Huw and Allison
(2 soon to be cycle travellers from Lancahire!)

maggi and Jan from Germany wrote on February 22. 2004, 03:25:
E-mail: maggithefox at
I don`t know were you are right now and want you are doing.
We met some month ago somewhere in the Altai mountains. Now we are in Saigon in Vietnam.
Sill riding our tandem bike we plan to go next to Cambodia. I think and hope you are somehow following us
and maybe we can meet wherever... last option would be Australia when you still are heading for it.
I wish you good luck and a great journey
hope to meet you...
Maggi and Jan

Frank Barton from USA wrote on February 18. 2004, 22:04:
E-mail: altai_kayak at
Really enjoying your site--will send personal email.

Jane Lodge from Australia wrote on February 15. 2004, 22:24:
E-mail: lodgej at
Hello ... stumbled across your site by accident and was rivetted for hours ... really informative, funny and I really wish I was there!
I'm In Broome in the north of Western Australia. If you ever get here, please feel free to come & stay.

Ade Sanjaya aliyasa from Indonesia wrote on February 10. 2004, 14:52:
E-mail: adesan70 at
Hallo, mark
remeber me, I am yours friend from ( Qatar ).
remeber P5 I am instrument technician for our P5.
today your friend william tech manager propoise visit us, for some technical advise
and I am asking about your travelling and he give me your site.
I froud for you, now and I hope you and your wife enjoy and happy
One question only, you will visit Indonesia ?.
If you in Indonsia pls contact my email ?
best wishes
Ade Sanjaya

Ross Stephens from Australia wrote on February 7. 2004, 16:29:
E-mail: hiskiross at
Hi There,
I think your story is great. The idea's and reason are all similar to why we all do what we do.
I found your web site, Idea's whole story very inspiring. I am doing a cyclying trip from Switzerland after the ski season heading North and like you say foolw the route of the tyres.
It would be great to keep in contact and here more of your idea's and stories.
Keep it real and Good on you both.
Have a great journey.

George Ditton from USA wrote on January 31. 2004, 19:21:
E-mail: ditton at
Mark and Julliet,
What a great adventure! Thanks for the opportunity come along.
George Ditton

Anna from United Kingdom wrote on January 30. 2004, 16:50:
E-mail: anna at
Dear Mark and Ju
Have just found your website via a link on LP's Thorn Tree. Great to read so much useful down-to-earth advice. We are busy making kit choices and have just spent a day in Bridgwater at SJS and ordered our bikes - this summer we'll be setting off on an 18 month trip to Cape Town. I have been making notes and taking notice of all your tips - I think I will certainly be taking a dazer with me to fend off the mutts! Cheers Anna (& Luke)

Colin from United Kingdom wrote on January 30. 2004, 12:04:
E-mail: ejc at
Hi Mark and Juliette I'd like to wish you both the very best for the New Year from the not so sunny Isle of Man, and hope that everything is going O.K. I have only found your site by accident via a link form another site and have been reading it avidlly for a couple of hours,congratulations I think your doing a marvelous job, keep it up.I am currently trying to pluck up the courage to pack my job in and cycle the world for several years but it's too easy to stay at work being stuck in a rut and being bored stupid,reading exploits like yours and getting pissed off 'cause your out there and I'm stuck here.Anyhow Happy Cycling and safe journey..

Arnþór L Arnarson from Iceland wrote on January 28. 2004, 10:04:
E-mail: ala at
You are living my dream.

Hung Ngo from USA wrote on January 22. 2004, 22:40:
E-mail: at
Mark & Jun,
I was on the web checking a few names from the past and yours came up.
What a wonderful way to spend 2004.
Good luck and don't eat too many rabbits by the road ok !

Allen from USA wrote on January 20. 2004, 08:09:
E-mail: support at
Neat website , we are glad we will be hosting you !
Biking rocks , just wondering how would you cross the ocean to reach Australia

Emanuel from Israel wrote on January 19. 2004, 10:06:
E-mail: ezaidman at
Dear Mark and juliette,
I have enjoyed reading your website.
Hope some day I will have the chance to do some thing like
your trip.
Best wishes and good luck,
Emanuel and Gali,
SHALOM from Israel

Elmira Freeman from USA wrote on January 19. 2004, 08:08:
E-mail: elya_b at
Hi, guys!
Thank you for sharing your jewel with everybody on the inet!
It is unbelievably interesting and truthful!
With respect,

Chris Densham from United Kingdom wrote on January 8. 2004, 17:54:
E-mail: C.J.Densham at
Hi Mark & Ju!
How are you doing?
I'm off out to HK on 18th Jan to cave in Yunan,
looks like I will have missed you!
And when you were in Yangshuo, I don't suppose
you bumped into Erin and Duncan? I think they were
there, hanging around the Karst Cafe I expect!
Hope your knees are still working (Ju) and you haven't
gone hypo/hyper (Mark)!

E Clark from United Kingdom wrote on January 5. 2004, 20:24:
E-mail: nannypuff at
Found your site by accident whilst surfing for Dog Dazer! Just been reading Josie Dews books. I only have a folding bike but hope to use it more when I retire.
Very interesting site. lots of hints and tips.

Richard Bates from United Kingdom wrote on January 4. 2004, 11:02:
E-mail: outgoing.mark-ju at
[Tried to email you but your nospam-forwarding address bounced]
Hi, I found your site via a rather convoluted way (a discussion on
uk.rec.cycling about a new hypercracker-equivalent, led to a search about
original hypercrackers, which in turn led to a search of other
alternative hypercrackers.... get the idea?)
Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that I found your site fascinating
and I've learned a couple of tips too. I am seriously considering cycling
the British coast road. Due to finances and not being able to survive
without a job for more than about 5 months, I'll probably not complete it
in one go.
I love the idea of carrying an electric hook-up lead. I would *never* have
thought of that one! My gadgetry probably doesn't use as much power as
yours (Psion series 5 linked via IR to a motorola phone for net access)
but even so, it's useful to have mains power on tap. The Psion is also
compatible with the compact flash cards used by my (old) camera. I need to
buy a XD-CF adaptor for my new camera.
Anyway, enough of this waffle. I've never cycle-camped for more than 2
weeks at a time, so I'm sure I'll be dipping into your information quite
frequently. I may even load the plain text onto my psion if you don't
Cheers, Rich x
ps It seems we are both musical too!

Elizabeth Catchpole from Australia wrote on January 2. 2004, 14:40:
E-mail: e.catchpole at
Loved reading your adventures. Looking forward to the next half of the journey and welcoming you to Australia!

David Bird from United Kingdom wrote on January 1. 2004, 21:38:
E-mail: drbird_herp1 at
I was searching for Reptiles on the web and came across your site
with its excellent photographs. I do have a few comments about the
identification of the specimens that you have shown.
The photograph that you have labelled as Couleuvre de Montpellier is a sub
adult Aesculapian Snake Elaphe longissima with the juvenile colour pattern
just still visible. It does not have the head shape of the Malpolon with the
ridges above the eyes.
The snake found in Tuscany looks like an immature Western Whip Snake Coluber
viridiflavus which has none of the adult colouration yet.
The Lizard found in Corfu is the Snake Eyed Skink Ablepharus kitaibellii
which has been recorded only in a few places on the island. I would be
interested in knowing exactly where you found it in case it is a new
The Lizard found in Bulgaria looks like Lacerta trilineata the Balkan Green

Anne Billinge from United Kingdom wrote on December 31. 2003, 09:51:
E-mail: Anneb at
Mark And Ju HAve a great new year.
From Anne

Bill Henderson from United Kingdom wrote on December 29. 2003, 22:27:
E-mail: billhenderson at
Just found your site while researching Russia and spent hours looking at it.
Great site and great trip. Good luck.

anne barlow from United Kingdom wrote on December 26. 2003, 15:51:
E-mail: annie.barlow at
Wishing you both well on your continuing journey. I mostly follow your exploits via your Mum but wanted to wish you well in the New Year. Keep well and happy. Anne

Chris Wilcox from United Kingdom wrote on December 25. 2003, 09:34:
E-mail: Chris.wilcox3 at
Been following your journey
Amazing stuff
Have a cool Yule

Sarah George from United Kingdom wrote on December 23. 2003, 10:37:
E-mail: at
Great picture of very tall Mark on very small horse! Happy Christmas both Love WOLXX

Markus from Austria wrote on December 18. 2003, 20:01:
E-mail: mailme at
Hi out there!
I found your site by accident and just wanted to say "Hello"!
Good luck for your further journey!

Ali son and Chris Hobbs from Canada wrote on December 15. 2003, 19:23:
E-mail: cwlh at
Your mum sent a card encouraging us to have a look at your website and it's absolutely marvellous! Good for you, keep the wheels turning, and when you get as far as Canada (?) you MUST come and stay for a while with us in Ottawa en route.
By the way, I'm sure George would also like to hear from you when you reach Sydney as he and Maryam are renting a nice house in Marsfield (near the Maquarrie University) and I'm sure would be glad to put you up as well and would appreciate the narration of your adventures.
George's email address is -- this also applies when he's doing a stint at the Parkes radio telescope the other side of the Blue Mts.
Happy Christmas, good luck and love from us both.

lisa pinkney from United Kingdom wrote on December 11. 2003, 15:48:
E-mail: gnlpinkney at
hi there
your website is fantastic.We have been planning to cycle to Australia for about 4 years now but other things keep getting in our way but hooray we should be setting off in February and it seems going more or less the same way as you so your website has been so helpful.We wanted to go through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan etc but its just not possible st the moment.I hope you keep enjoying the highs and lows of your trip and who knows we may meet you on the road.Thanks again for sharing your journey

Andrew & Joanne Hooker from Australia wrote on December 6. 2003, 04:34:
Congratulations on a fabulous trip and website.
My wife Joanne and I have just completed a 23 month, 19,000 km
trip around our backyard (Australia) and loved it.
We will be following you with interest and envy.
Safe travels.

Tony from Europe wrote on December 5. 2003, 13:44:
E-mail: tonyroberts at
briliant and inspirational trip. Great website. Very impressed by the distances but awed that you cooked a leg of lamb on a camping stove!

Bill Cotton from USA wrote on December 3. 2003, 13:16:
E-mail: billcotton at
You make my heart race. I found your page as I look for a source
for a Hypercracker for a friend. I wrote on my bicycle club's
maillist about their use on the road. You accounts and
resourcefulness made the reading very enjoyable. Thank.

Vincent from USA wrote on December 3. 2003, 05:04:
I stumbled on your site from a link to one of the tools you describe making. Wow, your journey is amazing and inspiring! I wish you the best of luck!

Jack Kuhn from USA wrote on December 1. 2003, 06:49:
What an awesome trip. I saw your website here in northern California
on a bicycling website. I look forward to reading your diary. Good luck and be
healthy and safe.

Clare from United Kingdom wrote on November 25. 2003, 16:59:
E-mail: lcuy6 at
I was very worried about the following quote from your web-site: A few rocks in the bell end are also a precaution. Sounds nasty. Hope you're enjoying your trip

Barrie Gorton from Taiwan wrote on November 19. 2003, 13:30:
E-mail: kingg at
Wonderful to find your site and be part of your adventure.
Look forward to reading more and wish you all the best for your journey.
Barrie Gorton

sam hibbs from United Kingdom wrote on November 16. 2003, 18:47:
E-mail: dahibbs at
Dear Ju
Hve tried to get message to you but no luck so hope you get this Kevin and I have had a baby boy, Ross born in August. How are you both and where are you now. If you can email me it would be great to hear from you.
Sam and Kevin Hooper

Scott & Amy Cutshall from USA wrote on October 30. 2003, 18:19:
E-mail: istanbul_tea at
Mark and Ju, I tried sending you an email but it keeps
getting returned to me so I assume it has something to do
with how you've set up your email address off your website.
I will cut and paste the text of that email here and if you
would be so kind... could you respond to us via our Yahoo
email address? It's the only address we have.
Thank You.
Here is the email I attempted to send you both...
My wife and me have been avidly following your progress via your
website for a couple months now.

First let me say, the site is just wonderful-informative, funny,
beautiful pics, insightful, etc... we check in at least 3 times per week
always looking for an update! If there is no new update we still seem to
stay and re-read things and just admire the pictures endlessly!!

We came across your site originally because we are knee-deep in the
planning phases of our own tour. We are planning to go out with our 4
year old daughter and see the world-hopefully giving all 3 of us a
fantastic trip with wonderful experiences... we will be homeschooling our
litle girl while touring. We are planning on touring for at least 5 years

With regard to equipment I have some specific questions if I may ask?

1. How are the Thorns holding up? I have spoken to Robin Thorn over
the phone just last week about him building us a Nomad for my wife and
an eXp for me(possibly 2 eXp's if we can afford it). I am quite a large
fellow(due to 4 years of staying at home with our daughter before she
started pre-school just this year)and have packed on the pounds so
besides needing a bike that can handle quite a bit of weight with loaded
panniers and pulling a trailer, I need a bike that can support my current
weight. I am most curious as to how your eXp is doing... I understand
that while you are quite thin in build you're much taller than me and
are carrying gear that is similar in weight to what I will be carrying.
Have you had any flex or shimmy since commenting on your Nomad to eXp
swap earlier on your website? How is it handling with excess water
being carried? How are the components holding up?

2. Is there anything at this point in your tour that you or Ju would
change about your bikes besides what you've already mentioned on your
website with regard to swapping out Ju's Nomad frame for the eXp

3. What are Ju's thoughts on her Nomad?

Sorry for the psuedo-interview format of my questions but I feel like
there is no better people to be talking to than you and Ju who are not
only doing the exact thing we hope to undertake but are also doing it on
the 2 bikes we are considering purchasing... quite amazing really.

Continuing on...

4. Both pro and con, would you change or make a different selection of
any gear including bikes if you could or had unlimited resources? I
ask this because another couple we know that are currently on a fully
loaded world tour have really had major changes of heart with regard to
their bikes since purchasing them(not Thorns... framebuilders here in the
States). The husband spent appx. $3,600.00 on his touring bike and is
quite frankly very disappointed with the frames performance at this
point in their tour. The have been out on the road for nearly 2 years and
are currently in South America. As chance would have it I emailed him
a link for SJS and the eXp and he not only loved the look of it but
said that when he and his wife make it to the UK he hopes to stop in and
talk with Robin... but is fairly certain that after the money he spent
on his current bike and their touring budget there is no way short of
Robin sponsoring him that he'll be able to afford one. He sorely wishes
that he had known about SJS before they left for their tour and spent
their money on their bikes.

5. What are you and Ju running for wheels with regard to rims, spokes
and hubs?

6. How are your panniers holding up? Racks?

That's about all I can think of to ask... nice of me huh? Hopefully I
haven't made too much of a pest of myself in all my questions but I am
so excited to hear your comments!

Lastly, if you both ever decide to take on North America before we
venture out-you both are more than welcome to stop by and stay as long as
you'd like! We could show you around, offer a bedroom to you and as
much food as your bellys can hold! I LOVE to cook.

Absolutely Best Regards-

-Scott & Amy Cutshall

Alex Tennenberg from United Kingdom wrote on October 30. 2003, 09:08:
E-mail: alextennenberg at
Thanks for the interesting and entertaining updates
from your tour - I'd like to do something similar
myself one day.
I was in UB for four months earlier this year, and can
report that there is a large bike section at the Black
Market; they sell cheap chinese bikes aswell as a wide
variety of spare parts and tools (mostly of poor
quality, but probably adequate to get you out of a
fix). One noteable absence was shraeder/presta-valved
tubes; only the hideous woods valves seemed to be
Aparently there is a bike shop on Ard Ayush in the
third or fourth microdistrict; but I never made it
over there. Outside UB, I'd not expect to find
anything; though I do recall seeing a few rear mechs
and cable housings in the market in Hovd. Mongolia is
full of surprises!
Best wishes for the rest of your trip.

Chris Wilcox from United Kingdom wrote on October 21. 2003, 19:06:
E-mail: chris.wilcox1 at
Marvellous site
Gives me a few ideas!
Hope things go well!

Toby Whitley from United Kingdom wrote on October 17. 2003, 15:42:
E-mail: toby.whitley at
I ( and I'm sure my other half will be when I show her your site) am so jealous. We had an easy trip down the east coast of Oz on our bikes (instead of climbing) while Helen recovered her fitness after her broken neck & back. We can't wait to do another trip and your site has some top tips.
Would you consider doing a wilderness lecture when you've finished?

Liam McIntyre from United Kingdom wrote on October 5. 2003, 23:55:
E-mail: tripod_mcintyre at
hey ju its liam how ru passed my alevels im studying business at lpool uni
u neva did get back to my emails just wanted to see how u wer

Rimbaud from Ireland wrote on October 1. 2003, 05:55:
E-mail: Rimbaud at
Great story on your travels - i hope to cross through Russia/Mongolia to China and maybe further starting mid-2004.
Your journey is inspirational!!
Take care.

Mike Moore from United Kingdom wrote on September 30. 2003, 16:48:
E-mail: mike at
Mark & Juliette,
Last day of September....unusually for me taken afternoon off and am at home. Wanted some excitement so thought I'd read how you two are getting on. Will you be in Sydney by August 2004?
Your adventure gets mentioned frequently.
At Morris AGM last week you would have felt quite at home - our electricty failed. Thus candlelit and Utility Co. eventually sent generator and dug up East Lancs Road!
Take care and keep making me envious,
Mike Moore

Zhang Qiong from United Kingdom wrote on September 24. 2003, 18:37:
E-mail: joy2lord at
Well done, you two. I am a Chinese student in the UK. Your exploring inspires me to bike to China from England next year! Anybody would like to do this, please contact me at
May peace and joy be with you two thouhtout the whole jounery.
Zhang Qiong

Mike Moore from United Kingdom wrote on September 19. 2003, 17:24:
E-mail: mike at
Mark & Juliette,
Wow Mongolia...have you tried the yak's milk?
Oh yes...Mucky Mountains AGM on Thursday at Little Longborough. Fine of £5.00 if you don't attend!
See you there?
Mike & Jennie

hugo and ute from Netherlands wrote on September 1. 2003, 18:00:
E-mail: hugo at
hello there, nice pictures good site and so on, but did you manage to get to Tuva safely?
we came back to holland and germany in one piece.
it looks like hugo got Lyme disease since a few weeks, al others are ok
we lost the fish you gave us on our way to Bisk (we left it in a truck)
Hugo ate all the bacon, no wonder he is sick.
good luck and see you when we meet somewhere on this planet

Andrew Rockliff from United Kingdom wrote on August 29. 2003, 11:54:
E-mail: andrew.rockliff at
G'day Mark and Ju,
I love hearing your cycling adventures and thank you for the pleasure they provide us back here in London.
I am leaving for my own 'London to Sydney' cycle trip in March 2004, in my daydreams for 20yrs and in the planning for the last 12months, my new Chas Roberts bike will be ready for me to pick up next week and that will be a big step towards my trip.
Whilst I have purchased a website I will eventually be looking for someone to re-build what i've started and educate me further on how to upkeep my site whilst I am on the road, your technical write-ups are very helpful in this regard.
Andrew Rockliff.

Simon Johnson from United Kingdom wrote on August 17. 2003, 18:51:
E-mail: me at
Nuts.. Stumbled on this by accident.. I knew (of) you from WSFC back in Widnes.. I used to climb on
your enrichment activity thing.. Brother to Carl Johnson.. :P
Best know for my compulsive laziness.
What a mad adventure.. i must say i'm envious.. I wanted
to do something similar on motorbike when i got bored of
the rat race.. I might still do when i'm 40 or something..
Have fun.. I hope you enjoy what you see of our little blue planet :)

Sharron from United Kingdom wrote on August 11. 2003, 21:25:
E-mail: sharronedwardson at
Just thought I'd leave another message to let you know we haven't forgotten you! I have been checking in regularly to see where and what you are up to. I have also been showing the boys your route and adventures so they are getting excellent geog and biol lessons. Still think you are amazing people for doing this! Keep up the excellent work and look forward to seeing you when you get back.Good luck for the rest of the journey! Love Sharron and clan XXX

Angus Hardern from Hong Kong wrote on July 31. 2003, 09:37:
E-mail: angushk at
Fascinated by your website - tried to understand the electronics bit but the technical stuff defeated me! If you make it to Hong Kong do look us up - address is shown on our Homepage. I'm one of the few Westerners here living in Kowloon who actually bikes around this city and we live very close to the most famous Bike shop in town - The Flying Ball Bike shop in Mongkok should you need any spares etc. Good luck! Regards Angus Hardern

Hannah Winn from United Kingdom wrote on July 25. 2003, 18:38:
E-mail: paulinewinn at
We loed the pics of the animals especialy the amphibians!

Jenni Bedford from United Kingdom wrote on July 21. 2003, 16:28:
E-mail: j.bedford at
Hi Juliette & Mark
MMM have had a wonderful weekend at Crook Morris in the Lake District, when there was lots of talk about your trip, so I thought I would look you up and see where you were. The photos are wonderful and give a real flavour of your adventure. Did you know I was a grandmother now - a little grandson called George and my daughter is expecting another in September. Peter and I have just come back from Tuscany so I could relate to the soak at the hot springs especially after all the hill climbs. Keep going and stay in good health both in body and mind. Love from Jenni and Peter.

Joe and Helen from United Kingdom wrote on July 18. 2003, 19:08:
We are planing a trip to asia on bikes leaving Oct. this year selling boat home leaving jobs ect. found your site great taking camera info about soler and managment system great to am building a simaler system will show you on day when we have photos of our own love and hugs Joe and Helen xxx

robert seto from Canada wrote on July 2. 2003, 14:57:
E-mail: setoro at
Well done Mark and Ju, and keep going!
I came across your site while researching for cycling informations on cycling in Eastern Europe,
I will be flying into Instanbul, pedal through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and finally Sin city of Amsterdam, where I fly home to Toronto.
If you guys ever end up in N America, Toronto specifically, you have a futon that awaits you.

Pauline from United Kingdom wrote on June 5. 2003, 15:18:
E-mail: paulinewinn at
What a fantastic site - I spent ages (again) - bet you would not have time to do this in UK.

Steve Pennington from United Kingdom wrote on June 4. 2003, 00:28:
E-mail: penningtonsw at
hi, Juliette and Mark.
lost website in computer update - reunited at last! Cannot believe you have got as far as you have. Pictures and information great - will pass on the photos to the Biology dept. Lots of news from Widnes, but will fill you in on next visit.
notice new e-mail address! Down to 5 guinea pigs....old age and some sort of virus. Only Tuffy left from Greylags original litter amd Frodo, who was her grandson.
Take care, best wishes,
Steve, Ann and the kids...

Robin Thomson from United Kingdom wrote on May 31. 2003, 23:01:
E-mail: robinsky33 at
Funny to be a guest, 'visiting' from the country you left months ago, but in the digital age all is possible. Good winds on the ride and may all your meetings be joyful.

matt gidney from Australia wrote on May 30. 2003, 13:11:
E-mail: mgidney at
Good luck you guys - I am green with envy
London sucks - i'd love to pedal home when I leave

Mike Moore from United Kingdom wrote on May 26. 2003, 12:04:
E-mail: mike at
Mark & Juliette,
Bank holiday today in UK...catching up on your adventure makes me feel a little part of it. Particularly enjoy reading of reaction of local people and how hospitable may people are. Still have bits in the barn left from your leaving party.
Take care,
Mike, Jennie & Zena

John Shackford from United Kingdom wrote on May 23. 2003, 16:46:
E-mail: john28july at
Make it all the way , you great inspiration.
Best Wishes,

Becka Lawson from United Kingdom wrote on May 20. 2003, 15:49:
E-mail: rlawson at
Hey Mark and Ju,
I've just dawdled away a wet afternoon going through your webpage
when I should have been working, oh well. I'm so jealous!
Great photos ... how much do you get to talk to people
(rather than just ask for directions, shopping, etc)?
Julian and I are off doing the Coast to Coast then Reivers
next week with Clive and Sarah and Earl. Nice bumbly pace.
We've bought two new bikes so perhaps we're building up to
bigger and better things though I've got caving in Austria
this summer to keep me busy. Oh yes, my Gynefix got really painful
after a year too and I had it out - do you think they're not
telling us something?
cheers, Becka

Christopher William Lewis Hobbs B.Sc. from Canada wrote on April 28. 2003, 03:59:
E-mail: cwlh at
Actually I come from Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire but that wasn't one of the options.
Your mother has been keeping us up-to-date with your lunatic enterprise.

Ric Hart from United Kingdom wrote on April 9. 2003, 21:22:
E-mail: richard.hart3 at
Howdy Juliette,
Ive just been reading up all the latest diary entries
instead of doing my biology coursework! Its only 1 week late
so far :o). Sounds like your still having a good time,
it seems strange that your still out there pedalling away
somewhere exotic while we're all still sat in college!
I'm taking a gap year before goin Manc Uni to study
chemistry. I just sent off my application volunteering for
Raleigh International. Got to raise £3500 now!!!
It'd be great to hear from you.
Hope everything stays as going as well!
Ric :oP

heather dorricott from United Kingdom wrote on April 9. 2003, 21:01:
heya ju,,,,don't know if you remember me was in your
class at widnes! Hope your keeping well...We often chat
about you and wonder where You are!! You'll ve happy to
know thats loads of people who left are doing well! Mike
Mc is working for a solicitors (only photocopying) hehe!
but he got his own work phone so phones everyone! ste owens
is still playing for macclesfield! the ;ads havent changed
and still go out and drink too much! apart from faz 1 pint!
Laura's still good, and nearly everyone is driving now!
Apart from jinxy coz that would be scary, but not too long!
hope you keep well!!! Heva

Jacobus Campbell from United Kingdom wrote on April 8. 2003, 15:24:
E-mail: jgcampbellmail at
Wonderful site, alot of my questions have been adressed and things that i had previously not thought of (such as hunters in the wild) have given me a better idea of things to expect. I camped wild briefly last summer in the Swiss alps, but most of the time i was at various campsites. This year i plan to go to Greece. Thanks!!!

andrew rockliff from Australia wrote on March 25. 2003, 08:59:
E-mail: andrewrockliff at
Hi Folks,
Just a wee note say how much I have enjoyed reading your website, I am currently working in London and when my visa finishes in March 04 I too will be heading off to cycle back to Sydney.

Andrei Vilcan from Russia wrote on March 22. 2003, 20:03:
E-mail: a_vilcan at
Hi !
Grettings from internet-cafe Games Planet in Giurgiu, Romania.
I hope you'll have a smooth journey to Australia.
As you think i'm the one that helped you to update your web site.
God riding and Godspeed.
I think that you have to update the 'You came from:' tab on your web site.
I can't find Romania, so i HAVE to use ... Russia ... :)

Laura Campbell from United Kingdom wrote on March 12. 2003, 13:02:
E-mail: Laurac2003_1 at
Hey Juliette! Hows it hangin? you look like your havin
the best time but we still wish you were here! form
just isn't the same without you! well just writing to say
we miss you loads and hope you come back and see us one day!

take care
Laura c xxxx

Gino from United Kingdom wrote on March 11. 2003, 23:26:
E-mail: gsabat at
bloody amazing!I am planning to do my first trip in the states this summer subject to
funding and finding a partner, I have'nt rode my bike for ages! Hope i can manage the measly
1000 miles (compared to yours!) i am planning.
good luck and take care!

Liam McIntyre from United Kingdom wrote on March 10. 2003, 22:10:
E-mail: tripod_mcintyre at
Ju its liam, how things getting on then? miss you loads,
everyone wants to know how u are and where u are more to
the point! havent spoken to you in ages so i thourght as
i have a spare evening i'd email you:) college is realy crap
this year! i have lost all motivation but have been accepted
into manchester, liverpool and jon moores university's
havent had any run ins with big rob brown recently i've been gud
this is it now last 2 months, it doesnt seem like 2 years ago that
we started and were lucky enough to have the best teacher in the place
oh and then she leaves! well could talk to you all nite but i wont
keep you, well hope to hear from u soon ....
all my love liam mcintyre and my big monkey arms!!!!!

david smith from United Kingdom wrote on March 10. 2003, 22:10:
E-mail: jane.smith at
have just viewed your snowy pics -hope the weather improves and your tyres last out until you reach civilisation regards david smith

Tim Higginbottom from United Kingdom wrote on March 10. 2003, 19:11:
E-mail: tim_higginbottom at
Dear Both,
Just been catching up on your latest happenings - great to see you're having a fab time and engineering your way out of desperate situations!
All the best for the coming weeks,
p.s. Teaching's just the same - you're missing nothing!

2bi5 from United Kingdom wrote on March 10. 2003, 16:15:
E-mail: robertmurnane at
hey juliet every one says howdy, liam is still gettin on teachers nerves but he has calmed down abit now, rob m
how do juiliet it jinxy just saying hello!
Hi Juliet, Thanks for the message that you sent me through Pauline, Uni applications went well, if all goes well I'll go to Nottingham University. Hope you're having a great time, love Jen xxx.
Hello Juliet, hows it goin? Your pics on the internet site look great, hope your having lots of fun. Love Liam

vicky broadwell from United Kingdom wrote on March 7. 2003, 21:27:
E-mail: thebroadwells at
Hi Ju and Mark
Hope you got our other message. Just been reading your
notes and I sympathise with the coil story and I might
even share mine one day!
If you didn't get our message it said Amoung other
things please send us a newsletter
Take care
Love Vicky xx

simon from United Kingdom wrote on January 21. 2003, 21:50:
Mark and Ju,
I got the site address from J. Kelly some time ago and have been visiting on and off for some time now,
I find the site very interesting. Good luck and keep up the good work

Ron and Cindy from United Kingdom wrote on January 4. 2003, 14:43:
E-mail: Ron.Dunn at
Hi you two!!
Lyn and Alan gave us your web site info last night so we
just had to take a look today!!
What a wonderful site.... we will keep looking in from time
to time. We were particularly interested in seeing the
pictures of Corfu as we were there last July, in a little
resort called Roda. We had a wonderful time and the weather
was just perfect.
We really admire what you are doing and wish you both the
best of luck. You look like you are really enjoying yourselves
and not missing blighty one bit!
Greetings from a very sunny, but crisp and clear North West England.

Alain Balalas from France wrote on December 10. 2002, 15:00:
E-mail: helene.balalas at
Received your card from Italy. Thanks a million. Have a nice trip ! I saw by net you're now in Rome. I'll send the pictures of our meeting to your place asap. See you and take care xxx

Tapani and Lulu Rauha from Finland wrote on December 7. 2002, 12:44:
E-mail: tapani.rauha at
I knew your dad or maybe granddad in Ghana in the 1960s. He sent a xmas card saying this is where we can admire your trip!! WOW!! I hope you have a great time! Greetings thus to Kenneth. You certainly are brave.

Don & Karen Tingley from Australia wrote on December 6. 2002, 12:07:
E-mail: kdtingley at
Hi Mark & Ju
Ralph put us on to your web site,Please come and stay with us when
your in Sydney.Had a xmas card from your mother Mark she said she and Ju 's parents
were hoping to meet up with you in Corfu at xmas.Looking forward very much to meeting Ju
Don & Karen

Mike & Jennie Moore et al from Europe wrote on November 25. 2002, 18:55:
E-mail: mike at
Mark & Juliette,
We do keep looking at the site. The gory picture Juliette of your hand...well perhaps I should send a picture of my stomach (after 3 ops you could play noughts & crosse on my stomach!). Thank you for the get well card - it was much appreciated. We enjoed reading the Juliette's recipes. We have a medlar tree in the yard and Jennie has,only over the last few weeks, started to roast them (most often inside a pheasant) Thus, Mark & Juliette, first catch your pheasant.....
We are thinking of you both often (sometimes with a touch of envy,
All our love,
Mike & Jennie Moore

Steve Pennington from United Kingdom wrote on October 18. 2002, 19:45:
E-mail: penningtonsw at
Dear Juliette and Mark
We love the travelog - especially the photos and the handy hints, particulary the magnetic knee bandage!
Glad that the weather is reasonable and that you are managing the uphill sections without too much wear and tear on the old joints!
I have just survived another INSET day (18th)and now on half term holiday. Looking forward to the inspection on the 18th Nov (l.o.l)On the piggy front, Charlie passed away on the 17th but Zippy (Greylag's son) has returned from stud at Pauline's house.Charlie was one of our original trio, so we are expecting further bad new soon.
We look forward to further news and updates - I am still looking after your tutees (Robert, Adam, and Matthew) but have not got anywhere with getting them to complete their UCAS applications.
Keep on truckin....
Steve, Ann and the motley crew, Rolo and the 10 squeaks!

Sharron Edwardson from United Kingdom wrote on October 8. 2002, 21:32:
E-mail: sharronedwardson at
Have read everything on the website and am very impressed by everything except Ju's fantastic (not) cycling sandals!
Hope you are having a brilliant time - it seems the adventure of a lifetime.
Wishing you both health and happiness ( and a new pair of cycling sandals should the opportunity arise! -you could be the first people to get stopped at a border by the fashion police instead of the local militia!)
Love from Sharron and family.

Martine Tommis from United Kingdom wrote on September 25. 2002, 14:29:
E-mail: martinetommis at
Well done on pulling this trip together. We just had a touring holiday in Croatia - recommended if you are going that way.

TIM MYERS from United Kingdom wrote on September 9. 2002, 17:17:
E-mail: tinytim at
Once we were all nomads and the earth was green...keep the dream alive!

Laurence Mintz from France wrote on September 2. 2002, 14:05:
E-mail: laurence at
We are sitting in St Tropez with the Moores and have been informed of your adventure.
Look like great fun but a lot of hard work - especially the sunbathing!!
Good luck and keep safe
from all at the Mintz household

mick sayers from United Kingdom wrote on August 30. 2002, 12:32:
E-mail: msayers at
hope it doesn't get too dust on your travels. I will be able to reccommend the most suitable face filters as your journey progresses along with my learning curve.
EN149 2001. Are you nearly out of England?

Ric Hart from United Kingdom wrote on August 28. 2002, 02:16:
E-mail: richard.hart3 at
Liam was right, we miss you Juliette!
but I just can't wait to hear what your getting up to!
make sure the site keeps going!
Good Luck,

Ralph Pridmore from Australia wrote on August 24. 2002, 08:19:
E-mail: ralphpridmore at
Nice website! Bon voyage, and watch that knee Ju.

Steve Pennington from United Kingdom wrote on August 21. 2002, 21:43:
E-mail: penningtonsw at
Bon Voyage - have a great time.
The web site is excellent - keep up the good work.

Duncan JOHN from United Kingdom wrote on August 4. 2002, 13:24:
E-mail: djohn at
Many thanks again for the battery in Llangollen. I eventually made the walk to Chepstow in the planned 12 days. I'll be following your progress!
Good Luck!

Liam McIntyre from United Kingdom wrote on August 2. 2002, 21:34:
E-mail: centurion_2001 at
hello juliette how are you, just a quick message to see how you're doing. So youve been gone now for
2 weeks, you must be heading down towards the ferry point right? Where exactly are you then ...
keep me posted liam,
ps we all miss you :-(

uli nullnegativ from Austria wrote on July 27. 2002, 10:02:
E-mail: globebiker at
hello mark and juliette!
just recieved your mail. it´s good to hear that also other people are starting this summer. would be great to meet somewhere, sometimes on this planet earth.
have a great tour, stay healthy and have deep experiences for lifetime.
cheers uli
(PS: your are now also linked on the "worldcyclists on tour"-list: )

Anne Billinge from Europe signed the guestbook on July 19. 2002, 17:09.
E-mail: anneb at

Del from New Zealand wrote on June 10. 2002, 23:31:
E-mail: del at
Like your site guys - what an adventure you have planned.
And so many toys Mark!
Good luck and good travels...

tim&jenny from Bolivia wrote on May 6. 2002, 21:40:
E-mail: tim_higginbottom at
Great to have you bump into us today - we look forward to chatting with you over the trip!
Best of luck if we don't see you before you go.

tom dobbie from United Kingdom wrote on February 16. 2002, 22:09:
E-mail: tom.dobbie at
Hi both,
I hope you have a great trip and it's rewarding all the way.
best regards, Tom & family

Mut from Peru wrote on January 26. 2002, 11:23:
Wedding cake looks really cool !

Sister from United Kingdom wrote on January 20. 2002, 18:00:
E-mail: andrea.kelly30 at
FANTASTIC SITE, esp enjoyed the serious yet quirky recipe
section, we look forward to this developing over the course
of the trip and we can follow you in a culinary sence!!