Re-installing the operating system on a Casio Fiva MPC-101

This describes how to re-install the operating system, and setup a dual boot Windows 98 / Windows 2000.

It assumes you have a Fiva with a CD-ROM and the Casio floppy disk drive (which is bootable).

Step 1, Create the suspend-to-disk partition

You can do this using Partition Magic after installing Windows, as described below.  However there is a utility on Xin's website (I think the same thing is on the Fiva restore disk) which will do it for you but erases everything on the disk, so if you're going to use this, do it first!  I recommend using the utility, I tried to do it with Partition Magic but without success.

Step 2, Install Windows 98

Windows98 First Edition should be installed.  To do this, format a floppy on another PC running Windows98 and select 'Copy system files'.  If you put this floppy in the Fiva's floppy drive (and set the BIOS to boot from A) then you should be able to boot to the Windows98 command prompt.  To do anything useful, put the floppy back in the other PC and copy useful things like FDISK, FORMAT and XCOPY onto it.  Futhermore create an AUTOEXEC.BAT file on it and include the line:


Finally copy the DOS drivers for your CD-ROM drive onto the floppy and add a line to the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to invoke them, eg:


If you boot from this floppy you should now be able to access the CD-ROM, and thus by running SETUP.EXE on the Windows98 CD-ROM, install Windows.

Alternatively remove the hard drive from the Fiva and connect directly to a desktop PC and copy the contents of the Windows98 CD to a directory on it.  Then all you have to do is somehow boot the Fiva with some sort of boot floppy, or even copy system files to the Fiva's hard drive while it is connected to the desktop and set the partition active using a utility like Partition Magic.  Once booted you can go to the directory where you copied the Windows98 CD and run SETUP.EXE

Step 3, Install GX drivers and Mobile Cockpit

After the Windows98 installation you will have a VGA 256 colour screen and no sound.  The video and sound drivers are on the Fiva recovery CD, Windows will detect the new hardware automatically and prompt you for the drivers.

Step 4, Partition the hard drive

If you didn't do this in Step 1 and want suspend to disk to work you must create an additional primary partition at the end of the disk, of size at least equal to the total RAM in the machine.  Then use the Ptedit32.exe (part of Partition Magic) to set the type of this partition to 0xA0.  If you want to install Windows 2000 you should also create a partition for it.  This must be an extended partition containing a logical partition because otherwise you will have two primary partitions.  The suspend to disk partition should be of formatted 'Non-DOS' but quite honestly I don't know what this means, so I would use the utility.

Step 5, Install Windows 2000

Download the drivers and installation instructions from the website.  The instructions are very clear except that I would recommend installing Windows 2000 on a separate partition so you should select the setup option to be prompted for where Windows 2000 should be installed.  It is most important that you tell the installer to ask you which partition Windows 2000 should be installed to, otherwise it will install to the same partition as Windows 98 by default.

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