A random collection of possibly useful links:

General cycle touring and other websites:, the Cyclists Touring Club in the UK, this place has links to everywhere!, the place for cycling Asia info., the website of the Russian Cycletouring Club. These people can help with your visa to visit Russia. Every embassy in every country A remarkably sane travel insurance company. Two cyclists en route from England to New Zealand, if you like this site you'll like theirs! A couple who sell up and pedal off. They've also written a book: "The Road That Has No End, How we traded our ordinary lives for a global bicycle touring adventure" ISBN 0975442708. Information on the Danube cycleway through Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary, then onward through Croatia and to end in Venice. by 4x4 across Russia - quite a few adventures! Lots of info for the touring cyclist


Websites of cyclists and others we met on our travels: Cedric, who has cycled from France to Malaysia via Turkey, Iran and India. Two friends who are cycling the other way, we met in Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan. Three German cyclists who rode Novosibirsk - Western Mongolia - Ulaan Baatar - Irkutsk, plus other tours in previous years. Malcolm Roberts who has ridden round S.E. Asia and is now (July 2003) en route from Vladivostok to the Atlantic The "Meteor" cycle touring club, Ukranian cycle tourists living in Dnepropetrovsk, keen to organise tours of Crimea for foreign cyclists Ukranian "Night riders" based in Kharkov


Other cycle tourists websites: Sonya Spry and Aaldrik Mulder cycling around the world Isa and Terry's England to New Zealand by bike website Ed Genochio is riding back from China to the UK via a roundabout and interesting route Chris Smith's website promoting his book 'Why Don't You Fly?' about his ride Nice website on cycle touring in Korea The story of Toby Wilsdon who cycled from the UK to Singapore in 2001-2002. A solo winter crossing of Siberia - crazy Japanese guy!, Two Germans tour Spain, Ireland, N. America and the Antipodes German long distance tourist, excellent book list and some good photos and info too., An Austrian sets out to bike the world... The Bicycle Fish! A Swede with a taste for the high roads. 415,000km and 37 years !! Guiness Book or Records holder for the "Most travelled man in history"


Electro-cycling links: An Australian company making a dynamo powered mobile phone charger

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