Because we want to!

One cold February evening we were both fed up with what we had been doing that day.  We needed a change of direction in life, a special holiday or something to look forward to.  We've always been keen cycle tourists.  Juliette's always wanted to travel the world and  I've always talked about cycling round it, so it just suddenly struck us as the obvious thing to do.

Juliette's why?

Arriving at age 32 I had been teaching for seven years. This is about the time when most people start looking for some sort of change maybe a move up the ladder, or a family. Although teaching is a wonderful vocation in many ways, and I will always have great memories of the students I have taught and the friends I have made in the staff room, I felt that it was time for something completely hedonistic. What could be more so than to totally indulge by spending every day outdoors and spending the nights in the woods of Europe or the truck stops of Asia? I hope that by jumping out of the generally accepted life channels, I will have time to consider a whole range of futures, and come up with something that will suit,(perhaps health related), however, for now I am just turning those pedals on the road to freedom!