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Iodine tablets are a light weight backup to a water filter, or to a system of buy or boil. Alone they taste so bad that you,d really have to be desperate to use them, but a tip from our friends had us adding soluable vitamin C tablets after the alloted sterilisation time. This removes the taste. Thanks Ali and Ingrid! Iodine tabs seem to keep longer than chlorine ones which suffer if they get even a bit of moist air in the container.

Getting the most out of Trangia

Many say they love trangia, but that bit is no good in the cold or at altitude because the meths won't light. This problem can be solved using a SPOON. Dip the back of the spoon into the meths and light it like a splint. Dip just the tip of this lighted brand into the meths so you hear a fizzle, but not deep enough to put out the spoon. Repeating this will heat and vapourise the upper layer of meths and light your fire.

The other, somewhat justified argument is that meths is hard to find whilst petrol is world wide. I found it hard to get information on this for our trip (even Trangia's own site it not ideal). I aim to build a table to help others planning similar trips, so that maybe thay can avoid having to carry two stoves like us.

See the meths anywhere chart

Trangia pans on an open fire

We don't have many open fires, but in spring before the woods are too dry my Ukrainian friends tell me they are not a risk. It is important to start by digging a shallow pit and clearing away leaves from around the fire area. The trangia pans are not ideal for this use because they have no hanging point. Here are our solutions

Balance the pans on thick green sticks. Green sticks take longer to burn threw, but need to be cut, which impacts on the environment. Here's Vlad using forked sticks to support the logs.

We have now put steel wire around a pan to allow us to hang it over the fire. That way we can add more wood easiliy and not risk losing our meal as the logs burn threw and collapse. Our pans have been further modified by our Russian friends: Four holes drilled in the rims allows flexible handles of copper wire.

Cooking above 4000m

If I was going to tour Tibet for a long period, I would consider a small pressure cooker. Without this rice or plain noodles will not cook, but turn to sludge. You will be limited to paket noodles.

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