Knee troubles

By the time you have got here you will probably have read about the saga of 'the knee' on the August diary. In a state of desperation over this I have decided to believe the advertising hype about the bioflow strap on magnet that is supposed to cure everything from arthritis to improving the fuel economy of your car. The trouble is that they are quite expensive so wracking my brains for an alternative I eventually came up with the idea of strapping on a fridge magnet with a bandage. No doubt the manufacturer of the bonefide magnet will tell me that a fridge magnet lacks the necessary central reverse polarity - but I like my fridge magnet.

At this point my poor mum will be cringing as the next instalment of the knee saga is about the sandals. I decided the the SPD sandals, being a size or two too large (Shimano do make them in size 5, but only sell them in Japan at that size as clearly no women go cycling!), were perhaps contributing to the knee problem, so when offered an extremely light weight set of flip flops in only one size too small at Easton carnival in Bristol I jumped at the chance for only 30p. The problem was that they tend to slide off if pushing the bike up hill, an experience related to me by mum when pushing a moped. So out with the curtain trimming cord and the vacuum cleaner filters (all kindly provided by mum) and the new ultra light weight cycling sandal was created.

4 months later

The sandals obviusly did not last (and also would be cold now it is minus 2 degrees). The fridge magnet lives on incorporated into a bioflow wrist magnet (Yes I did sucumb to the ridicoulous price of the thing) The joy is that at the risk of reducing the credulity of the rest of the site, I have to say that the knee is better, as is my mum's neck problem after my sister Andrea bought her one too.