Chinese Flora and Fauna

We were in China from the 30th October 2003 until the 7th May 2004. We didn't see much wildlife until we got to Yunnan, but it was winter. There are lots of small birds but these were always too far away for a decent photo.

Here's a big ladybird we found in Yangshou, Guillin, and a prettier one we found in Yunnan:

These fellas are a cheat because we saw them in the Panda Breeding Research Centre in Chengdu, but they are too nice to leave out:

On Emei Shan in Sichuan we saw Tibetan Macaques:

Butterflies seen in Yunnan in March:

Various beetles we saw in Yunnan:

A beautiful dragonfly we found stunned by the roadside in Yunnan, later it flew off:

A hotel room in southern Yunnan had two of these friendly geckos crawling around the walls, eating flies:

At the Aerial Walkway Park near Mengla, Yunnan, we saw these assorted insects and a spider:

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