Thai Flora and Fauna

We were in Thailand from the 6th June to 24th September 2004


Red Helen, Papilio helenus

Nigger, Orsotriaena medus
Cruiser, Vindula dejone erotella

Moth disguised as a leaf, Sai Yok:

Toad found hopping around our Koh Tao resort. Its friends in the pond kept up a deafening chorus all night.

Snake crossing the road in Koh Tao:

Common Miner bird seen on Koh Tao:

Crabs seen near Cape Thian, Koh Tao:

Coral fish found dead on the beach:

Tree frog found in a shower at "Jungle huts" bungalows, Khao Sok!

Dragonflies and damsel flies seen in and around Khao Sok National Park:

Lizards seen in and around Khao Sok. The left hand one is a gliding lizard with red "gills" that fan out near the head, and the third from the left is a Flying Gecko, Ptychozoon lionotum:


Incredibly thin 40cm long creature seen in Khao Sok. Thanks to Arthur from Canada we now know that it is a land planarian, a type of terrestrial flatworm.

Spiders seen in Khao Sok National Park. The left hand one is actually a shed skin. The right hand one is a spiny orbweaver, Gasteracantha sp.

Freshwater crabs seen in Khao Sok. The right hand one is a cave dweller:

In Khao Sok National Park we did a trek that included an 800m cave through trip. The first half of the cave was teeming with life. Our guide told us that the cave crickets eat bat droppings and are then in turn eaten by the spiders and scorpions.

Whipspider or amblypygid

Beetle disguised as a dead leaf seen in Khao Sok, it is a ground beetle, Mormolyce castelnaudi:

Centipede seen in Khao Sok, it belongs to the family Polydesmidae:

20cm long millipede seen in the Bankok Snake Farm:

Other residents of the Bankok Snake Farm:

King Cobra

Siamese Cobra


We think this is a parasitic wasp carrying off its hapless victim. The wasp lays its eggs in the body of the paralysed caterpillar:

Preying Mantis:

More dragonflies:


More lizards, the red spotted one is a Tokay Gecko, Gekko gecko, and the snake-like one is an elongated skink, Riopa haroldyoungi (Scincidae).

A "sticky" grasshopper, either Truxalis or Acrida sp., exposed and camoflaged!

We found this crab on the road, far from the sea or river or lake, but next to a paddy field:

A glomerid millipede, short for a millipede but it can rollup into a tight ball:

A monster snail, the shell is 10cm in diameter!

The Asian forest scorpion, Heterometrus sp. battles our bicycle pump:

Lilies in the moat at Sukhothai:

Some more slightly unusual ladybirds:


Nice black and red beetle seen in Sai Yok National Park:

Small tortoise, also seen in Sai Yok:

Toad found in a cafe in Sai Yok:

Monkey in the Erawan Waterfall National Park:

Fly, bee or wasp?

A wasp makes a nest and lays its eggs, later it deposits an imobilised caterpillar in the nest as food for the hatchlings:


Brilliant green caterpillar found in a cafe. This is of the genus Daphnis, probably Daphnis nerii. It is the caterpillar of the Hawk Moth - thanks Johannes!

Sea life found on the Hua Hin beach:

Sea urchin?


30km south of Hua Hin we took a walk round the Mangrove Nature Trail in Pranburi Forest Park. It was hopping with brightly coloured crabs:

Another 30km south is Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, where we saw dusky langurs and long tailed crab eating macaques:

We also found this millipede living in an ant's nest:

And finally spotted a circada. Click the picture to hear the sound it makes!

Macaques grooming at Wat Thammikaram, Prachuap Khiri Khan:

Camoflaged grasshopper:

Nice millipede:


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