I have a healthy respect for snakes but when they are scared of me I don't mind getting close enough for a photo. A digicam is great because you can use it at arm's length! Many thanks to David Bird for identifying some of these.

This is a sub adult Aesculapian Snake Elaphe longissima with the juvenile colour pattern just still visible, seen in the Ardeche Gorge.

And this is a immature Western Whip Snake Coluber viridiflavus which has none of the adult colouration yet, found in a stream in Tuscany:

Snake Eyed Skink Ablepharus kitaibellii found on our tent one morning in Corfu, Jan 2003:

And a larger (25cm long) lizard seen by the road in Bulgaria, March 2003. It is a Lacerta trilineata the Balkan Green Lizard.

Very similar but slightly smaller lizard found in Ukraine in May:

More lizards seen in Ukraine in May:

And a water snake spotted in the Dneiper:

Spotted this lovely lizard near Sainshand, Mongolia, in the Gobi desert:

These geckos were a common sight in hotel rooms in southern Yunnan, China and in Laos.

Laotian lizards:

We saw many dead snakes on the road in Laos, and a few live ones:

Snake crossing the road in Koh Tao, Thailand, June 2004:

Lizards seen in and around Khao Sok, Thailand, June 2004. The left hand one is a gliding lizard with red "gills" that fan out near the head:


Residents of the Bankok Snake Farm:

King Cobra

Siamese Cobra


More Thai lizards, July - August 2004, the red spotted one is a Tokay Gecko, Gekko gecko, and the snake-like one is an elongated skink, Riopa haroldyoungi (Scincidae).

Small tortoise, also seen in Sai Yok, Thailand, July 2004:

Small lizard seen on the road in Malaysia:

A monitor lizard and its tracks, Pulau Tiomen, Malaysia:

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