Gorgeous black and yellow Fire Salamander seen one rainy day near Mende, southern France:

Bright green frog seen on the west coast of Greece in January, probably the Common Tree frog Hyla arborea:

And a toad (Bufo viridis) found near the Gulf of Corinth in Greece in January:

We found literally scores of toads hopping across the road by a river near Vatra Dornei in northern Transylvania in early April 2003. Most were in pairs like these two:

Saw this fellow splashing around in a pond in Ukraine with his mates:

Toad found hopping around our Koh Tao resort, Thailand, June 2004. Its friends in the pond kept up a deafening chorus all night.

Tree frog found in a shower at "Jungle huts" bungalows, Khao Sok, Thailand, June 2004!

Toad found in a cafe in Sai Yok, Thailand, July 2004:

15cm long cave dwelling toad, seen in Pengkalan Gua, Taman Negara, Malaysia:

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