This spider (Arigope bruennichi) spent the whole night making theis enormous egg in the apex of our tent. She must have thought she'd found a perfectly safe place away from the rain!

Unusual red spotted spider seen high on the Pas de Peyrol in the Massif Central:

Rather nice green spider that was hunting mosquitos in the roof of our tent:

Saw this interesting spider in Russia in June 2003:

Happy spider wraps up a tasty meal in Tuva, Russia in August:

Spider with eggs in a guesthouse in Laos:

Spiders seen in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand, June 2004. The left hand one is actually a shed skin. The right hand one is a spiny orbweaver, Gasteracantha sp.

Cave dwelling spiders seen in Khao Sok, Thailand. I'm not sure if the whipspider is really a scorpion or not, but it has eight legs plus the front claws and no tail.

Whipspider or Tailless whip scorpion or amblypygid

The Asian forest scorpion, Heterometrus sp. battles our bicycle pump:

Spiders from the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia:

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