Butterflies and Moths

Speckled Wood butterfly spotted by the Nantes - Brest canal, Brittany, France. 6th September 2002.

Red Admiral butterfly seen in Corfu 30th December 2002:

And to complete the insect life cycle, a chrysalis (from the Peleponese in January 2003)!

And on the way to Altai we saw many of these five spot burnet moths, July 2003:

Near Gorno Altaisk, Altai, Russia, we saw this beautiful large copper butterfly:

And these less spectacular ones, an apollo (Paranassius phoedus) and a ringlet:

The backs of this White Admiral's wings were prettier than the fronts. Seen in Russia.

Swallowtail butterflies seen by the roadside in the Republic of Altai, Russia:

Delicately coloured Common Blue, Polyommatus icarus, seen in the Altai, Russia, in July:

I think this is a tiger moth? Latin name Arctia Villa, seen in Altai, Russia, in July.

And these are a male and a female fritillary.

Camberwell beauty (Numphalis antiopo), sadly we found it injured by the roadside in Russia:

One of hundreds of identical moths seen near Lake Baikal, early September 2003. All were dying.

Chinese butterfly seen in Yunnan in March and April:

Laotian butterfiles from May 2004:

Thai butterflies from June - September 2004:

Moth disguised as a leaf, Sai Yok:

Butterflies and moths seen in Taman Negara, Malaysia:

Butterflies seen on Pulau Tiomen, Malaysia:

Butterflies feast on a fallen mango.

Butterflies seen in around Rylstone, Australia:

Heteronympha merope (Common Brown) (thanks to Alan Melville):

Junonia villida (Meadow Argus) (thanks to Alan Melville):


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