Caterpillars and larvae

This amazing mohican caterpillar was found on Bergonias outside a Super U Supermarche in Brittany, France! It is a Sycamore Moth caterpillar (Acronita aceris). 9th September 2002.

Caterpillar found in beech woodland in the Ukraine, mid April 2003:

We saw a lot of these hairy caterpillars with red spots:

And this caterpillar which flipped itself frantically back-and-forth in an attempt to escape:

We saw some huge caterpillars in Tuva and Kharkassia, Russia in August:

This is puss moth caterpillar
This is a privet hawk moth caterpillar

Glow worm (maybe silk worm?) we found in our room on the Mulberry Farm near Vang Vieng in Laos:

Thai caterpillars:

Brilliant green caterpillar found in a cafe in Thailand. This is of the genus Daphnis, probably Daphnis nerii. It is the caterpillar of the Hawk Moth - thanks Johannes!

A juicy caterpillar from the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia:

Animated leaf-eating minature mops seen on Pulau Tiomen, Malaysia. They must be insect lavae but we've never seen anything like them:

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