Flies (including Dragonflies, etc)

Demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo) fly spotted by the Nantes - Brest canal, Brittany, France. 6th September 2002.

99% of Russian insects were biting flies:

The Siberian swamps were inhabited by some beautiful dragonflies, this one was seen at the begining of July:

And this one we found stunned by the roadside. It flew off after posing for a few minutes. It is probably some kind of Emperor Dragonfly.

Really scary wasp found in Khakassia, Russia in August. Its ovipositor pierced our heavy duty proofed nylon panniers! It is a spider hunter.

A beautiful dragonfly we found stunned by the roadside in southern Yunnan, China, later it flew off:

Damoiselle fly seen at the Kuang Si waterfall, Luang Prabang, Laos

Laotian dragonfly:

Dragon and damsel flies seen in and around Khao Sok National Park, Thailand:

More Thai dragonflies:

We think this is a parasitic wasp carrying off its hapless victim. The wasp lays its eggs in the body of the paralysed caterpillar:

And this Thai wasp is making a nest to lay its eggs, later it deposits an imobilised caterpillar in the nest as food for the hatchlings:


Fly, bee or wasp?

Monstrous bee, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia:

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